Upcoming Dancehall Star Repptyle Carves His Name In Music

by Ramona Samuels


Multiskilled dancehall singjay Repptyle is on a fervent mission to leave his mark on the Jamaican entertainment industry.

Assertive in his talent, the songwriter, born Tajai Sinclair, recently released a new music video for his single ‘Give Thanks’ on his official Youtube channel.

The video’s demonstration of a hardworking man, steadfast in his pursuits as he toils daily to survive his humble circumstance, is already a favorite with his loyal fanbase.

The song, which is produced by DMG Entertainment, serves as motivation for the listener, who is reminded to strive for success regardless of setbacks.

As Repptyle seamlessly delivers these profound words on the track’s pulsating beat, “just stay focus and up with my nerves, nah drop out now mi a touch the sky first”, the listener is reminded to never give up until the goal is achieved. He continues, “suh all when a one week mi inna one pants, still fimi life weh mi haffi give thanks”, is an inspiring testament of gratitude and resilience.

Music lovers can stay tuned to Repptyle’s style and musical prowess via popular streaming sites Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Shazam and Deezer. He plans to maintain his newfound success as a strong force within music.

The Old Harbour native is grateful for all the opportunities he has been blessed with thus far and is excited about the possibilities ahead.

Listen to his amazing song here



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