Soca singer Benjai clouted with beer bottle in Guyana

Benjai clouted

Soca artiste, Benjai, of Trinidad and Tobago received 12 stitches in the face after he was attacked by an angry patron outside a club in Guyana early Easter Sunday morning.

The incident reportedly occurred outside of the popular Night Court nightspot.

Benjai, whose real name is Rodney Le Blanc, had just finished performing inside the night club as one of the main acts at the “Easter Phenomenon” event and was mingling with patrons outside of the establishment when he became embroiled in an argument.
It has been reported that his attacker used a beer bottle and clouted Benjai in the face with such force that the bottle shattered on impact.
The singer was immediately rushed to a private hospital, where he received over a dozen stitches in the face.
The attack developed during an argument b etween Benjai and a taxi driver about some girls in his company who were leaning on the man’s vehicle. Another man is said to have assaulted the singer while his attention was directed at the taxi driver.

The singer made a formal report to the police before returning to his homeland of Trinidad and Tobago.