Six Mood Lifting Reggae Songs For 2021

by Ramona Samuels


Reggae music depicts the cultural identity of Jamaica. It accurately mimics the beat of one’s heart. Reggae’s strong and very rich history, sets it apart from other globally dominating genres; the overall sound is unique and pulsating.

Humans inevitably respond to the beat of music even without the preconceived thought on it. Our moods can shift from dull to lightened, all at the drop of a hat, or rather, the drop of a sweet reggae beat.

These are six hypnotizingly amazing reggae songs to uplift your mood and mindset for 2021.

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‘Defenders’ by Turbulence and Anthony B is eye-opening and authentic. The melodious one-drop beat sets the listener up for the lyrics which speak to self-realization, self-actualization, self-love and a fearless strength of character. This brilliantly displayed production by Neva Stop Booking is brought to you by Turbulence’s recently released album ‘The Remedy’.

‘God Is Love’ by Popcaan and the legendary Beres Hammond is definitely not a reggae song with a reggae-influenced beat. This powerful masterpiece is more of a soft, jazz-fused R&B ballad sung by two shining Jamaican stars, delivering nothing short of awe-inspiring lyrics. The tear-jerking tone of the entire production by Shane C. Brown will leave you feeling beyond blessed.

‘Burdens Heavy’ sung by the multifunctioning artist Busy Signal reminds the listener that despite the tremendous loads of problems existing right now across the globe, we are to be thankful for our lives and all we have to propel us forward. Busy’s recognizable voice complements the sweet upbeat reggae melody, with effortless productions by Frenchie for Maximum Sounds.

‘Prove’ is a euphonious song performed by Jah Mason and the unrivaled I-Wayne. A collaboration between two of reggae’s best voices for the Global Flex Music Project – “Jungle of Life”. The words speak to a fearless mindset, courage in spite of obstacles and strength of character. Encouraging the listener to be steadfast in their pursuits regardless of negativity and naysayers.

‘My Life’ is a contemporary take on Bugle’s life story that reminisces on the struggles he overcame to achieve his life goals. The singjay demonstrates how to be happy with what one has, putting the listener in a mood of gratitude and a deep conscious state of what and who is important as we journey through life. Though not traditionally reggae, this Sweet Music Production will give you a sense of calm.

‘To Jah’ performed by the memorable vocals of Nature Ellis and the iconic reggae star Luciano, produced by Ambassador Of Choice Music. This beautifully layered song gives praises to the highest for everything that we have and who we are. The listener is reminded to trust their source of life and their source of love through prayer and meditation. The conventional reggae beat puts you in a satisfying frame of mind.




  1. Nice recommendations. I have always love Turbulence and felt he was under rated. If anyone listens to podcasts there is a great new series called Rootsland, reggae is a major them in the story and is very tastefully done. One Love


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