Naomi Cowan Is A ‘StarGirl’ and Walshy Fire Wants You To Know It

by Ramona Samuels

Naomi Cowan recently released her ‘StarGirl’ mixtape – a 13-track project that you will want to pull up and repeat, time and again.

For the “genreless” remix set, ‘the reggae princess’ has assured that listeners know she is not just a “star girl”, but also a very talented vocalist with range, depth, substance and versatility. All brought to life by the production and artistic wit of Walshy Fire.

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She explained, “I want listeners to feel a sense of freedom and connection, this isolation ting is really difficult and has caused many of us to forget the joy of music and togetherness”.

As the musical presentation starts off, an immediate sense of nostalgia is felt. The songwriter’s almost innocent-sounding delivery is heard singing remixes, dubs and samples from respected reggae giants Garnett Silk, Luciano, Jahmali and a slew of songs that showcase a side of her we have never been exposed to.

The globe touring member of Major Lazer told CNW Network, “I’ve known Naomi for a while now and then the pandemic happened, we were both in Jamaica and we just decided to go to the studio every day, make a bag of songs, then decided to just put this stuff out”.

He mentioned, “putting out a mixtape is the new way to get music out there creatively, it functions as an album and you can stream it online”.

As the production progresses, Naomi’s dancehall alter ego emerges; the fire version of the mixtape is introduced. She pushes the boundary a bit, while her ‘Standard English singjay style’ is fitted to the beat by the mashup expert’s flawless mix to a contemporary club vibe.

“Walshy certainly presented some ideas to me that were out of my comfort zone, but I am so happy we went for it. Another producer known as The Wixard has also played a huge role in my current direction musically, we set out to do something and finished strong, that’s the best part”.

The mixtape also showcases versions of her original songs with collaborations from Jesse Royal, Kes, Marcia Griffiths, Carlene Davis, Tommy Cowan, Sarah Couch, and Tessellated.

Cowan is ready to unleash her star girl status with follow-up releases and an upcoming EP\album in short order. Fans can expect a live ‘Star Girl’ session in Jamaica soon.

Enjoy her debut mixtape Walshy Fire Presents, Naomi Cowan ‘StarGirl’ here.



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