Mighty Sparrow gets British honor

Mighty Sparrow

Slinger Francisco, popularly known as the Mighty Sparrow, will be bestowed with the Order of the British Empire (OBE) on October 22.

The Mighty Sparrow will receive the award in his birthplace Grenada, in recognition of his distinguished service to the arts and sciences, public services outside the Civil Service and work with charitable and welfare organisations of all kinds.

Sparrow is the holder of the Order of Trinidad and Tobago (OTT), the nations highest award in 2014.

He was also awarded the T&Ts Humming Bird Medal (Silver) in 1969 and the Chaconia Medal (Gold) in 1993.

In 2013, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the government of Trinidad and Tobago. In 1997, the government of Nigeria awarded him with a chieftaincy title and named him Chief Omo Wale of Ikoyi.

Sparrow was born in the fishing village of Grand Roy, Grenada, on July 9, 1935 and at the age of two his mother brought him to Trinidad.

He won his first Calypso King title in 1956, singing Jean and Dinah.

Sparrow won the title on seven subsequent occasions and the Road March title eight times.


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