Lila Iké Working with H.E.R on Reggae Album

After being spotted in the studio together last year, Jamaican starlet Lila Iké has confirmed that she is working on her upcoming Reggae project with R&B superstar and Grammy and Oscar award-winner H.E.R.

Iké sat down on a London street sidewalk in an episode of Deadly Links with host Becca Dudley yesterday to discuss what it was like flexing bars with the Damage singer, who revealed last month that she would be bringing “Roots Reggae, Dancehall, R&B Feels” on her next project. While H.E.R. stated that the album’s guest list would be a “surprise,” Shenseea has already confirmed that she will appear on it.

Lila, 27, told Dudley that the Damage singer’s team approached her about helping with the project, and she was thrilled because she was already a huge fan.

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“That was dope, she’s one of my favorite R&B Soul artists right now,” she said.

The Solitude singer praised H.E.R.’s work ethic and described her time working with her as “one of the greatest things I’ve experienced in my career.”

Lila went on to say, “She’s exceptional,” before explaining why.

“First and foremost, her writing… I believe she is 22 years old. [Now 24], she’s still very young, but the way she expresses herself reminds me a lot of Lauryn Hill. I see a young Lauryn Hill in her, as well as her work ethic.”

They would spend several hours in the studio recording song after song, and “she just keeps going, like we finish a song, it’s like alright let’s hear something else,” Lila said.

“And just her musical knowledge, she understands music theory, she plays almost all instruments… It’s something beautiful to witness and be inspired by,” she added.

The experience inspired her to return home and hone her own abilities with the ‘chords.’

Iké, who released her debut EP, The ExPerience, in 2020, stated that when she returns to Jamaica, she plans to finish her debut studio album and is “excited and confident” about what she and her team have in store. Fans can expect some cool international collaborations as well as her opening up more about her life and thoughts, according to her.

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