Jamaica’s top 5 eco-conscious hotels

Jamaica’s abundant natural resources makes the island a perfect fit for a sustainable lifestyle. With demands for more socially responsible and adventurous destinations, the “Home of All Right” has become a booming hotspot for green initiatives.

For your next Jamaican green vacation, check out these  5 eco-conscious attractions:

Kanopi House

Kanopi HouseThree words: Luxury Tree Houses. Located in Port Antonio, Kanopi House is nestled amongst 100-foot Banyan trees and surrounded by a secluded cove. Coined as “low impact luxury,” Kanopi boasts a limited footprint thanks to recycling wastewater and using sustainable and regionally sourced hardwood. www.kanopihouse.com

Bay View Eco Resort


Sitting on a sprawling 30-acre estate, this resort lies in an unspoiled reserve in Port Antonio. Known for its organic, country-style cuisine, Bay View recently launched raw food Chef Dr. Aris Latham’s NATURAL LIVING brand. Bay View has also opened their new spa, which uses only local, natural botanicals. www.bayviewecoresort.com

Great Huts

Great Huts10web

Their signature safari-themed huts and tree houses nestled atop a cliff overlooking Boston Bay in Port Antonio, including an elevated hut 100 feet above the Caribbean Sea, boasting panoramic views. Great Huts provides Afro-centric and Judaic cultural programs and is committed to local voluntary community service. They offer minimally priced accommodations for volunteers of one month or more. www.greathuts.com

Jack Sprat Shack

Under the same family of Jake’s Treasure Beach, Jack Sprat Shack is a hostel with a laid-back spirit. With the option of bunk beds and quadruple occupancies and group meals, Jack Sprat Shack focuses more on community-style vacationing. www.jackspratshack.com

Camp Cabarita

Located in the Dolphin Head Mountains in Westmoreland, Camp Cabarita is an eco-retreat dedicated to physical and mental renewal. With options such as swimming, hiking, yoga, and meditation, Camp Cabarita allows visitors to unwind through spiritual reflection. Camp Cabarita encourages visitors to develop the wellness of the land, with seminars and activities involving green technology, permaculture and renewable energy. www.campcabarita.com



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