Island Space’s Promises ‘Magic at The Museum’

Caribbean culture, with it’s dialect, music, food and dance, has long been an impactful and influential force in Miami-Dade County and the global diaspora. Immigrants from all corners of the region have settled and made their homes in Florida, keeping close the identity and heritage of their origin. 

In recognition of Caribbean-American Heritage Month, the Island Society for the Promotion of Artistic and Cultural Education (Island SPACE) will host its virtual global fundraising launch, which will see stars of the culture coming together on Sunday, June 27, at 6pm, for an evening aimed at elevating the profile of Caribbean art, history and culture.

The event, titled ‘Magic at the Museum’, will feature Marcia Griffiths, Jamaica’s former Prime Minister PJ Patterson, Ato Bolden, Kevin Lyttle, Inner Circle and more stars of Caribbean culture. “This is more than just a showcase of talent, it is a high-quality production that tells our story our way,” said Lloyd Stanbury, vice president of the board of directors. “We are bringing the current exhibits and museum themes to life”. 

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Lots of exciting features are planned, including a highly anticipated powerful rendition of Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ done exclusively by Marcia Griffiths, Wayne Armond of Chalice, former Third World drummer Willie Stewart, Reggae’s first Grammy Award Winner Mykal Rose and other guest artists as part of the captivating and heartwarming performances.

Viewers will also be treated to themes of carnival and festival, with culinary traditions and sports by the extraordinary talents in these areas. The story of Caribbean governments will be part-presented by PJ Patterson in all his glory, while a mini-documentary of Caribbean music will showcase noteworthy names like Patricia Chin of VP Records, Gordon Henderson from the Dominican/Guadeloupean Exile, and other integral figures of Caribbean music.

A pre-event red carpet walk on location at the Caribbean heritage museum will see dignitaries, sponsors and VIPs as they unite to watch the magic unfold live on location.

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The free presentation can be viewed from anywhere in the world by registering at islandspacefl.org and through streaming partners Reggaeville, VP Records and Jamaicans.com. Sponsorships, donations and membership are being encouraged in support of the museum via the site.

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