Dancehall star Konshens donates water to Flint, Michigan

Jamaican dancehall star Konshens

Dancehall star Konshens donates 100 cases cases of water

Jamaican Dancehall Star Koshens announced on NY talk radio that he has donated 100 cases of water to the city of Flint, Michigan.

Flint made national headlines following reports revealing that the city’s water supply was laced with dangerously high concentrations of lead due to an aging water system.

Flint’s water supply was laced with dangerously high concentrations of lead due to an aging water system.

The deejay in a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer said that he heard about the developments in Flint through a friend and newscasts. He decided to help through an initiative launched by the Irie Jam radio station in Queens, New York.

“I decided to chip in. I think many people making small donations like mine will really make a difference, that’s a method we should employ in Jamaica as well, instead of waiting on one man or a big company to do something. Everybody can chip in small and get things moving,” said Konshens.

Reports out of Flint reveal that as many as 12,000 children may be exposed to the city’s tainted water, caused by lead from aging pipes.

A state lab analysing lead levels of tap water in Flint, is operating seven days per week and can process 1,000 tests each day, officials said.

Test results are mailed to homes and are available online, and people who get their water from Flint’s system were urged to have their water tested. Water samples must be taken with at-home testing kits provided by the State and dropped off at five Flint firehouses that also are operating as water resource sites, State officials said in a release.

Meanwhile, the city’s water crisis continues to garner attention outside Michigan, especially among celebrities.

Actor Michael Keaton told reporters backstage Saturday night, at the 22nd annual Screen Actors Guild awards in Los Angeles, that reporters could have gotten ahead of the water crisis.



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