Bounty Killer Set to Star in Jamaican Film

by Jovani Davis

bounty killer

Dancehall artiste, Bounty Killer will soon be able to add “actor” to his list of accomplishments, as he is set to star in his first film.

The 5 Star General has been cast as the lead in an upcoming crime drama set in Jamaica. The Grammy Award winner, advocate, and philanthropist makes his big-screen debut in an untitled film about social and political issues, which run throughout his vast catalog.

While production details are limited at this time Sosiessia Nixon, Head of Film & Television at iKon Media Jamaica, stated that Bounty was “excited to come on board based on the concept.”

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Nixon, a successful screenwriter and director, stated that the idea for the film came from her partner, Mr. Nigel Dixon, who thought Bounty was the perfect candidate from the start. “Based on the story he was telling himself, he specifically stated, ‘I would like Bounty Killer to play this part.’ As a result of his friendship with Bounty Killer, he [directly] pitched the story to Bounty. Bounty enjoyed the story and was looking forward to the new challenge.”

She also provided a synopsis of what fans can expect to see on the big screen. “The story is a crime-drama that follows the life of a young man after he discovers a gun. The story’s goal is to show young people and people in general that a life of crime is not worth it. Bounty was more than happy to come on board with the film’s positive message,” Nixon said. She went on to say that the film’s script is still in early stages and that while no full cast or crew has been chosen, “we just knew who we wanted to play the lead, and we have settled on that part.”

Nixon was unable to say whether Bounty would appear on the film’s soundtrack, but he stated that the project was “very much relatable” to the story of the Poor People Governor.

Bounty Killer came dangerously close to becoming a victim of the gun violence he would later document so thoroughly in his music when he was 14 years old. He was hit by a stray bullet from a gun battle between rival political factions while walking home from school. Fortunately, he recovered completely and soon began performing under the alias Bounty Hunter. However, the lyrics of the rising star became increasingly confrontational. Bounty had changed his name to the fiercer and more fearsome Bounty Killer by the time he scored his breakout hits in 1992, the biggest of which was the grimy cut Copper Shot.

Bounty’s movie role and expanded itinerary coincide with another milestone — his 50th birthday next year. Production is expected to begin in 2022. In December, the deejay will release his 12th studio album, King of Kingston, his first in nearly two decades. Damian Jr. Gong Marley executive produces the long-awaited album, which has an even longer list of features.

Bounty will also headline the Sunclash meets Shutdown event in Ibiza, Spain, with Beenie Man, which has been pushed back to May of next year due to COVID-19 concerns.

Bounty Killer also signed a publishing deal with Creative Titans, a talent management company based in Florida, and Concord Music Publishing, a music publishing company based in Beverly Hills, ahead of the release of his new album. The agreement that makes Bounty the owner of his music will only help his career by expanding his global reach and giving him access to royalties.



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