A taste of Grenada- Top 3 foods the island has to offer

Looking to take a vacation anytime soon? Why not take a trip to the “Island of Spice” we know as Grenada to indulge in some of their most delicious foods.

Nutmeg Ice Cream

Made the same way a traditional ice cream is made, the secret ingredient to this yummy dessert (in case you didn’t guess) is the addition of one teaspoon of nutmeg. The nutmeg blends perfectly with the cream, eggs and milk which makes it a staple for those hot sunny days on the Spice Island. For those that want to spice it up even more (pun intended) add a few cinnamon sticks and you’re good to go.

Roast Pork

A favorite dinner meal for locals and tourists, Grenadians use the pork tenderloins to create this mouth-watering dish. The meat is seasoned to perfection with chopped shallots, bay leaves, salt, allspice, and ginger and then cooked until the meat is juicy and succulent. To top it all off, the sauce is made from fresh orange juice, minced shallots, brown sugar, fresh ginger, bay leaves, and allspice. The meal is usually served with black bean and corn salad.


The national dish of Grenada, Oildown is a stew made with salted pigtail, onion, carrot, celery, peppers, dasheen, breadfruit, and coconut milk. It is usually served with dumplings. Easy to prepare, the stew is boiled until all the coconut milk is absorbed and the mixture has an oily texture. The tasty dish is usually served with dumplings.



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