Women of Kulture, Inc. Hosts Virtual Empowerment Forum for Young Boys

Young boys across Jamaica were given the chance participated in a one-week virtual empowerment forum called Lions Roar Empowerment Mentorship.
The one week mentoring virtual forum ran from October 26 to October 30, lasting for 1 hour each night and was hosted by a different male mentor each night.
Lions Roar Empowerment was private, personal, interactive, educational and motivational for boys ranging from age 10-16.
Each night, the boys were instructed on self-development, positive life-changing topics such as empowering self-thoughts and actions for success, rising up from adversity, identifying the true role of a man, showing up in life, finding what motivates you and general encouragement for mind growth, improving self-love, self-confidence, career goals and success.
This Diaspora-led forum was presented by Women of Kulture, INC and partners in collaboration with NGOs in Jamaica – Mandingo Youth Club, Our Kids Academy Jamaica.
The Lions Roar Empowerment Mentorship is used as a multi-purpose for empowerment, self-development, crime prevention and as an intervention strategy while fostering positive family and peer relationships.
Through their forums, they help the youth meet their goals in life and encourage them away from a life of crime and substance abuse addiction.


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