#CNWTalkUp: Should Businesses like Gyms and Restaurants Require Proof of Vaccination to Enter?

Florida schools, businesses and local government agencies will soon be fined $5,000 for asking for proof of vaccination. Earlier this year, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that banned vaccine passports. The fines will start on September 16 if people are asked to show proof of a vaccine.

In cities like New York and San Francisco, residents are not allowed to enter businesses like gyms and restaurants without showing proof of vaccination. However, DeSantis says he finds a vaccine mandate for businesses offensive.

We asked some of our readers if they think a vaccine policy for private establishments is the right thing to do. Here are the responses:

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Krystle- Bronx, NY

If they are non-essential activities like entertainment, they should require vaccine OR test results. Some people can’t medically take it. Otherwise, it’s for the safety of other guests and the staff who don’t have a choice but to show up in person for work and be exposed.

Fred- Sunrise, FL

I personally believe it’s not right to coerce people into getting the vaccine just because they want “vaccination proof” to enter certain places. The vaccine doesn’t stop anyone from catching COVID-19 so showing proof of vaccination doesn’t make a huge difference. Yes, it may save some lives but being vaccinated doesn’t affect others. Also, if we don’t have the right to ask someone their sexual orientation, why are businesses asking regarding vaccination documents.

Liam- West Palm Beach, FL

I think it is considering the times we live in. It serves a greater purpose to reduce the spread. So we all can hurry and get back to normal.

Marisa- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

No. Not everyone should be involved in one’s beliefs nor judge anyone who has not decided on the vaccine. Businesses will lose money based on those decisions. If they start to require proof several customers will look for other places of business that offer that same service and go elsewhere. Being told to check for vaccination documents resembles checking for proper green cards making people feel alienated.

Janita Martin, Coral Springs

I believe businesses that involve hands-on services such as a gym or massage parlor, or beauty salons should require patrons to show proof of vaccination prior to service. However, businesses like restaurants should exercise social distancing and could operate safely with non-vaccinated customers.

Lisa Seepersad, Miramar

Yes, I believe gyms and restaurants should have the right to require proof of vaccination to use their services. While I understand getting vaccinated is a personal choice, so is choosing where you eat and workout. I would personally feel a little safer knowing that the people around me in these establishments are vaccinated. Getting vaccinated saves lives so we all should be doing our part to keep our community safe as possible, this includes wearing masks and showing proof of vaccinations.

Kristina Crawford, Tampa

I think it should be a requirement for businesses to require proof of vaccination to enter their location.  Just like some places require ID or shoes and shirts or having to take off sunglasses and hats in financial institutions to enter. I think for public safety it needs to be mandatory.  We don’t allow hospital workers to work without up-to-date vaccines because of the inherent public risk it would pose. This is about public safety and not politics. This is about stopping the spread and saving lives.



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