#CNWTalkUp: Do You Think Americans Should Get A Fourth Stimulus Check?

During 2020, multiple stimulus checks helped Americans to get through months of lockdown and restrictions that were imposed due to COVID-19.

Now over 17 months since the start of the pandemic, cases are on the rise again due to the delta variant and unemployment continues to surpass pre-pandemic levels, even with job opportunities widely available in certain sectors.

With federal unemployment bonus ending on Labor Day, a fourth stimulus check could help those who still need it. We asked our readers if they think Americans need another stimulus check. Here are the responses:

Melody Timothee – We could definitely use some financial relief at this moment. Too many families are suffering and struggling in poverty, and the elderly could really use it as a means of support. For god sake, we live in America. I’m not saying that we are owed this money, I’m just saying that we live in a country that is well-developed and has the means to give back to its people especially those who work hard day in and day out and pay taxes in the state they’re living in. I just think it’s the least the government can do.

Michelle Sayers – Absolutely! I believe we are still going through a crisis in this pandemic. People are still out of jobs and the economy is in the doldrums and I believe that if we were able to receive financial assistance it will pour back into the economy like buying gas, groceries. Even if people are using the funds to go on vacations, it’s beneficial for the economy that is suffering now due to the impact that the pandemic has on our resources. So the stimulus check is well warranted.

Dave Case – Can’t have it both ways. Can’t eat your cake and have it.  If the economy is important. Going back to work must be a safe environment. How do you do that when too many people don’t want to comply with the wearing of a mask or getting the vaccine. We must find a way to get this pandemic under control.

Robert Miller – No we do not need to give out another round of stimulus checks. We need to encourage everyone to go back to work and in order to restore some sort of normalcy. We don’t need anymore inflation. We have to accept this is the new normal. The more people remain scared, the more they are risking to going broke.

Chad Wilson – We do not need to put anymore restrictions on this country and/ or anymore hand outs like another stimulus check from the government. That’s how they control us. Covid is here to stay, so living in fear will get you sicker than the virus itself. We need to go back to normal!

Roshel Bailey – I think we do need another stimulus. America is not back to normal, despite people’s actions. Matter of back, it seems like we’re worse off because hospitalizations are going up and kids are being affected. Another stimulus check will help the people that are still struggling because of the pandemic.



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