US Soccer Federation bans children aged 10 or under from heading balls

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) has launched a campaign banning children 10 and under from heading balls as part of a series of safety measures aimed at tackling head injuries in the sport.

The Soccer Federation was facing a lawsuit from parents and players, who accused the governing body of acting “negligently” over thousands of concussions.¬†The lawsuit however, was dropped before the campaign by the body was announced.

The revised safety measures will also limit the amount of headers in practice for players aged between 11 and 13, a statement on the US Soccer website confirmed.

The new rules will be followed strictly by USSF Soccer youth national teams and the youth sections of Major League Soccer teams but are only recommendations for teams and associations outside US Soccer control.

As part of the resolution, the USSF has developed an extensive program to improve concussion awareness and education amongst youth coaches, referees, parents and players, a statement said.

The lawsuit was dropped before the campaign by the body was announced.



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