PLP Retains Power with Crushing Election Victory

Bermuda David Burt
David Burt

Premier David Burt’s decision to call a snap general election paid off handsomely on Thursday as the ruling Progressive Labour Party (PLP) scored a crushing victory over the main opposition One Bermuda Alliance (OBA).

Burt said now is the time for the British Overseas Territory to unite “with an incredibly difficult road ahead”.

The PLP picked up five seats from the One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) in a 30-6 victory to three-way snap general election in Bermuda.

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“We have an incredibly difficult road ahead for this country and it is going to require us all to work together, whether we be government, opposition, business, unions and citizens,” Burt told cheering supporters.

“I now say that it is time for us to put aside our red, our yellow and our green — our historical divisions — and come together as one people, one Bermuda, to recover our economy and to build a more inclusive economy that benefits all.

“I pledge to you today that this PLP government will not take this significant margin in the House of Assembly for granted,” Burt added.

Among the OBA casualties on a night of turmoil for the main opposition party was its deputy leader Leah Scott, who lost by 86 votes to the PLP’s Jason Wade in Southampton East Central.

The fledgling Free Democratic Movement (FDM), which joined the race after Premier David Burt called the election six weeks ago, saw all 14 of its candidates defeated — including leader Marc Bean.

The PLP, which previously held a 14-seat majority in the House of Assembly, was gifted three seats in Thursday’s election in constituencies the opposition parties did not contest.

Total votes for the PLP were 15,998 (62.1 per cent), for the OBA 8,314 (32.27 per cent), for the FDM 1,384 (5.37 per cent).

Five independent candidates picked up a total of 67 votes.

Turnout was low, with 25,763 of 46,311 registered voters casting their ballots.