Local girl group bringing old school harmony back to pop

Pop group 3B4JHOY

SoFlo music fans better get in tune ASAP with upcoming local girl group, 3B4JHOY. With velvety smooth harmonies, conscious lyrics and seriously dreamy princess hair (locks for days), sister singers Heather, Dominique and Claudette have been generating major buzz. The group’s new video for their latest track “Not an Island” has already racked up over 110,000 views on YouTube after only two weeks. Plus 3B4JHOY have a major fan in none other than Third World’s Willie Stewart, who is mentoring the songbirds. “I call them the harmonic angelic sisters,” says Stewart about 3B4JHOY. “They can sing in perfect pitch. Their harmonic blend captures you from their first note in a very spiritual and uplifting way.”

The National Weekly stopped to chat with the talented trio to talk about their new video and the secret behind their signature sound.

What’s the story behind your group name, 3B4JHOY?

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3B4JHOY represents who we are as individuals and as a group because it holds the very essence of what we believe. 3 (Trinity) is before (b4) JHoy (the original name of our group). It simply means “God is with us.”

How did you learn to harmonize so well? Do being sisters help?

We started singing when we were little girls and played around with harmony as soon as we learned our first song together. Harmony is our passion.

Though your latest track is reggae-tinged, you seem interested in diverse music styles. Who are your music inspirations?

We have many musical inspirations that have influenced our sound today. We like 90s R&B, like Brandy, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and SWV. For reggae, Bob Marley of course, and Alaine. We like alternative rockers like Switchfoot and LifeHouse and Afro Pop artist Tiwa Savage. And Celine Dion is MAGIC!

What was the inspiration behind your new hit video for “Not an Island.” What feel were you going for?

Brainstorming ideas in the studio, we knew we didn’t want a typical island video. So we thought that it would be pretty cool to see a “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme. We wanted a bit of mystery and steam, mixed in with survival elements like the jungle scenes. The best of both worlds!




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