Lisa Hanna Quitting Representational Politics

South East St. Ann Member of Parliament, Lisa Hanna has indicated that she is leaving representational politics at the end of the current electoral term.

Hanna advised the People’s National Party’s  President, Mark Golding of her intention in a letter dated August 9.

In the letter, Hanna advised Mark Golding that she has advised her constituency of her intention to leave representational politics and noted that she’s giving the PNP time to find a new candidate.

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Lisa Hanna is the current Opposition Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

In the 2007 general election, as a member of the People’s National Party, Hanna contested and won the seat for St. Ann South East positioning her as a MP for that constituency.

She is one of the youngest women to be elected to the Jamaican parliament.

Hanna is a former PNP presidential candidate and ex-chairman of its Region 1.

On November 7, 2020 the PNP elected Mark Golding as its 6th President after he defeated challenger Hanna by 1,740 votes to 1,444 in the 2020 party’s leadership election.




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