King Tides – Tidal Flood Prevention Action Plan

Several City of Miami departments including the Office of Resilience and Sustainability, Emergency Management, and the Department of Resilience and Public Works are taking proactive measures in preparation for the upcoming King Tides.

Securing storm drains
Temporary plugs in select stormwater drains will be installed this weekend to prevent backflow flooding from the higher tides. Flood depths and length of time in selected citywide locations will be documented through the use of drones and on the ground recording.

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There are five drone flying locations and 9 additional field locations. Each drone location will have a field scout accompany them for a total of 14 field scouts and 5 drone pilots.  The drones will be flying at the peak of September’s King Tides on Monday, September 10, 2018, beginning at approximately 9:00 A.M.  This use of drones will assist with data collection that will be analyzed to mitigate future impacts.

Resilience and Public Works operations crew will be on standby to address flooding due to rainfall and evaluating the following locations for permanent one-way tidal valves:

  •  Belle Meade Island (4 outfalls)
  • 454 NE 23 St outfall at the bay

Plug Installation Locations:

  • NE Bayshore Ct between NE 79 St and NE Little River Drive (5 ea)
  • NE 10 Avenue and NE Little River Drive (1 ea)
  • 1100 NE 84 ST (1 ea) (candidate for Tidal Valve)
  • NE 10 Avenue n/o NE 83 ST (1 ea) (observe initially; candidate for Tidal Valve)
  • West Fairview Street (2 ea)
  •  South Bayshore Lane (1 ea)

Locations to be verified by drones:

King Tide Drone Survey Locations Map

  • Edgewater:  NE 23 Street
  • Brickell: Brickell Bay Drive between SE 12 and 13 Street
  • Shorecrest: NE Bayshore Court between 79 Street and Dunham Boulevard
  • Shorecrest: NE 10 Avenue between 80 Street and 83 Street
  • Coconut Grove: South Bayshore Drive in the Kennedy Park area

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