Jamaican Hotelier Gordon “Butch” Stewart Has Died

The Honourable Gordon 'Butch' Stewart, OJ.

Jamaican hotelier Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart has died.

He died tonight in the United States after ailing for some time. He was 79 years old.

Gordon Stewart was born in 1941 in Kingston, Jamaica. He grew up along the country’s north coast, where he came to be known as “Butch”, a nickname given to him by an American sailor.

Stewart was the founder of Sandals Resorts, the leading hotel chain in the Caribbean, Beaches Resorts, and their parent company Sandals Resorts International, as well as The ATL Group and The Jamaica Observer.

He was known as one of the most successful Jamaican businessmen ever. Stewart leaves behind seven children and his wife Cheryl.

Statement from Adam Stewart on the passing of his father: Via Jamaica Observer

“It is with great sadness that I share with you today the passing of my father, Gordon “Butch” Stewart.

This news seems almost unbelievable, since he was as involved and forward-thinking as ever. He chose to keep a very recent health diagnosis private and we respected that wish.

The Hon Gordon “Butch” Stewart OJ, a distinction he was so proud of, was a gifted entrepreneur. He was a marketing genius and talented showman, but those who knew him best recognised that he was a dreamer who could dream bigger and better than anyone. It was often said, “the best thing for people around him to do is be dream catchers”.

That’s why he always credited his success to the incredible team around him, why he listened intently when it came to creating innovative things that would excite and delight our guests, and why it is so important that I remind you today of all days, that we will all continue to be his dream catchers.

Together, we have all been part of something bigger than ourselves, led by a man who believed in us and who gave us opportunities to learn, grow and the tools to make dreams real. For him, and because of him, we will continue to dream big and deliver on his certainty that true luxury is always best enjoyed by the sea.

My Dad lived a big life – husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather entrepreneur, statesman, dreamer. A singular personality and an unstoppable force who revelled in defying the odds, exceeding expectations and whose passion for his family was matched only by the people and possibility of the Caribbean, for whom he was a fierce champion.

There will never be another quite like him and we will miss him forever.

While I need to be with family right now, I look forward to speaking with you soon and sharing thoughts about the incredible future of this company built by this most incredible man.

Until then, and to use the words of his iconic sign off, this one last time, All That’s Good.”



  1. Dear Butch was a friend of all of the islands, but he loved Antigua almost as much as he did Jamaica, blessing Antigua with two properties as he planned a third.
    His absence in the Caribbean will leave a gaping hole in our hearts and our future hotel development! I will personally miss the great man

    • R.I.P. Butch ,u will most definitely be missed u was freind of all of islands I will personally miss u a great man a great freind s.i p sir

  2. Butch Stewart inspired hope, vision and focus for the future. He brought out the best in everyone he touched!.. Jamaica has lost a great wonder.. magician and most cherished son and I have lost the only person that I ever admired for his decency, affable manner and confidence he inspired in us all.
    I will always mirror his smile and remember him.. he holds a special place in my heart!

  3. After graduating from University of Technology in Jamaica, I was hired first as an intern, then permanent employee. Sandals gave everyone an opportunity to learn and grow. People who were dropped out of High School and hadn’t gotten an opportunity to pass certain subjects didn’t feel left out as Sandals brought teachers on property to teach us. They sent us to Cuba to study Spanish so we could be better ambassadors. Others were given full scholarships to study in the United States, and we did not have to pay back a penny. Investments in their employees was a big deal for Sandals, headed and inspired by the late Butch Stewart. I will be forever greatful for the opportunity to have been a recipient of such scholarship.

  4. RIP Butch, you will most definitely be missed. Your generous with such a wide scope of ideas, gosh, you will be missed. Condolences to your family. Sincerely, Marsha

  5. Butch Stewart will always be remembered for his contribution to the growth and development of not only Jamaica, but the Caribbean.
    My condolences to his close family and friends.
    We identify with him as one of us, a beloved Jamaican.
    Your indomitable spirit lives on.

  6. Mr.Stewart. Your work ethic never left me. It marked me for my whole career. May the angels take you in and dress you in the blue that you loved. Remember not to say bad words or call the angels “baby”. The vacuum you are leaving behind will be soon filled by those you trained so well. Enjoy the company of Jonathan, he has been waiting for you.

  7. Shalom Soldier. Respect due.Thank you for your service. Your legacy will live on in the beneficiaries of Sandals training and employment. Hold tight in comfort Adam and family and the extended Sandals family worldwide. ????


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