Jamaican hotel employee held for rape of American tourists

RIU Reggae

The management of the RUI Reggae Hotel in the resort town of Montego Bay, Jamaica, say they are fully cooperating with the police in the investigation of an incident in which an employee reportedly raped two tourists at gunpoint.

Accused was entertainment coordinator

The police report that Demar Scott, who worked as an entertainment coordinator at the hotel, is in their custody and is listed as a person of interest.

According to the police statement, issued on Friday, Scott reportedly barged into a room occupied by two female visitors from the United States shortly before midnight, armed with a gun.

It is alleged that he raped one woman, and while raping the other the gun fell from his hand.

Fled after being shot

One of the women then picked up the gun and pointed it at Scott, who then sought to disarm her, but she opened fire. He escaped by jumping over the balcony. A trail of blood was found below the balcony.  

In a statement Saturday, the management of the RUI Reggae Hotel said it was unable to share further details of the incident and is committed to protecting its clients’ privacy and the investigation.


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