Jamaican Government Spends Over Two Billion Dollars on Compassionate Grants

Dr. Nigel Clarke

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Jamaica government said it has spent in excess of J$2.6 billion in compassionate grant payments as part of the efforts to ease the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on citizens.

“Some 77,000 applicants put in bank information that has not been validated. These applicants would have received a text message a text message and they are encouraged to log on to the We CARE website and update their account information,” he said.

The grants are JMD $10,000 (appromixately USD $70).

Clarke said that many people have been selected to receive their “Compassionate Grant” from remittance companies and he was appealing “to beneficiaries to follow the guidelines of remittance companies who have indicated an orderly procedure for collection.

“Crowding at remittance companies risks your health and the health of your family. There is no need to crowd. Beneficiaries receiving money through the remittance agencies are reminded of the requirements for presentation of a GOJ (Government of Jamaica) issued picture ID, TRN (tax registration number) and reference number,” Clarke said.

He said where persons do not have a government issued ID, but are on the printed voters list they can contact the Electoral Office of Jamaica.

Clarke said the Andrew Holness government is exploring mechanisms for third party collection of compassionate grants for people over 65 years old.



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