Jamaica to Offer Temporary Residency to Foreigners

CNW Reporter

Jamaica’s Passport, Immigration and Citizenships Agency (PICA), says international travelers and members of the diaspora without a passport will soon be able to live and work in Jamaica under its temporary residency programme that is being developed.

The agency says international guests will enjoy the privileges of living and working on the island for upwards of a year with possible extensions, without having to worry about their immigration status when the programme is rolled out.

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang, an increase in travel to the island is expected after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, and noted that “One of the questions coming out of the pandemic is ‘Where will I live?’

Chang said that “the impact of that will not only increase demands on the operations of PICA, but will provide an opportunity for foreigners to live in Jamaica.”

Chang added that PICA is one of the finest agencies which fall under the portfolio of the Ministry of National Security, and over the years it has developed a reputation for providing quality service.

In extending commendations to PICA, the minister maintained that “despite how COVID 19 has affected lives and livelihoods, we want to commend PICA for moving forward to provide quality, efficient and professional services in this region. This is crucial for our continued development at this point in time.”

Meanwhile, PICA’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Wynter, said last year over 4,000 persons were granted citizenship to Jamaica.

“When the temporary residency programme is approved,” he added, “this will be another product and service our agency will be happy to provide to visitors.”

Wynter said the agency is anxiously awaiting Cabinet’s approval so that the new protocol can fall in place.


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