Hillary courts Broward voters


Carl Beatty, a Caribbean-American engineer, traveled all the way from his Kissimmee home last week to attend Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign stop at Broward College’s Davie Campus.

“I wanted to hear what the lady had to say in person. I am tired of all the negative TV reports surrounding her,” said Beatty. “After listening to her speak for 35 minutes, I am convinced America’s next president will be a woman, Hillary Clinton.”

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Clinton addressed a large, enthusiastic audience at the college, making a strong case for equal pay for women, increases in the federal minimum wage, a climate change policy, and specifically for Floridians, criticized Governor Rick Scott’s administration for not expanding Medicaid.

The audience, including a large percentage of young voters, applauded her when she said over 650,000 low income Floridians could be now on Medicaid if the state had not “failed” to expand.

She said “That decision makes no sense economically”, as without insurance for preventative cares and serious illness it “means more visit to emergency rooms.”

She also called out Florida’s Republican administration for its negative stance on climate change, saying the state needs to improve its record on wind and solar energy.

“There was fire in her eyes and voice when she said this,” said Beatty. “This woman shows so much strength.”

Vonnie Mullings, a Caribbean-American student who also attended the campaign event, also was impressed by Clinton. She however expressed disappointment that Clinton didn’t address her controversial use of a personal email server while secretary of state.

“She needs to explain why she used the server during her campaign stops to remove any doubts she acted dishonorably,” said Mullings. “It’s a blight on her campaign. It should be addressed so she can win back those whose support she may have lost.”

With over 556,000 registered Democrats, Broward County has one of the largest bloc of potential voters for the Democratic presidential candidate. However, Florida Democratic Party organizer Lisbeth Derring said this means nothing if the Democratic candidate doesn’t have the trust and confidence of voters.

“South Florida Democrats have a woeful reputation as no-shows on Election Day,” says Derring.



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