Grenada’s PM hails West Indies twin triumph

Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell has praised the twin triumph by the West Indies men’s and women’s teams at the Twenty20 World Cup in India, and has pledged CARICOM’s continued commitment to improving the standard of governance in the sport regionally.

Mitchell, the veteran leader who chairs CARICOM’s Subcommittee on Cricket Governance, said despite the “daunting adversities on and off the field”, both teams had maintained their focus and displayed the skill and composure to pull off “the most memorable victories in West Indies cricketing history, and indeed the most memorable in recent times.”

It is with exhilarating pride that I extend the heartiest congratulations, on behalf of the Government and people of Grenada, as well as all the CARICOM Prime Ministers, to our region’s cricketers,” Mitchell said in a statement.

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“The Under-19 earlier this year in the ICC World Cup, the Women’s Team earlier today for securing the T20 championship, and now the men’s team for achieving this great World T20 victory.”

He added: “The sport continues to be a major catalyst for positive social transformation. As such, the West Indies organization must be reminded of the tremendous role they play in regional development.

“This is why we are so happy today, after these victories. Hopefully, we are witnessing a major turnaround in West Indies cricket.”

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Mitchell has been at the forefront of the push in recent months for the reform of the WICB. The CARICOM subcommittee commissioned an investigative panel, headed by UWI Cave Hill Principal Professor Eudine Barriteau, which recommended the “immediate dissolution” of the board.

Last February, Mitchell and the CARICOM Heads threw their support behind the panel’s recommendations and committed to ensuring their implementation.

Speaking Sunday, Mitchell said CARICOM would continue to give its “unwavering support” to regional cricket development “on an all-encompassing basis, including its governance, so as to ensure that on all levels, the players receive the necessary guidance and nurturing to harness their potential.”

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