Grenada to establish sex offender’s registry

Sex offenders in Grenada are to be registered to combat child sexual abuse

Sex offenders in Grenada are to be registered to combat child sexual abuse.

The government of Grenada has announced its plans to establish a special victims unit and enact legislation that will require convicted sex offenders to be registered as part of the efforts to combat increasing child sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence.

Sixty percent of court cases relates to child abuse

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell said that it is alarming that in 2017, approximately 60 percent of all cases before the Courts are related to child sexual abuse.

“Let us be very clear on this: child abuse, like rape, in all forms, is an evil scourge that tears at the social fabric of our society and must be stopped now,” he told legislators as he announced that the Ministry of Social Development will be receiving funds to help deal with the situation.

National Committee

Mitchell said a National Committee for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse has been set up with a mandate to make recommendations to the State and other stakeholders.

“Mr. Speaker, in 2018, a Special Victims Unit will be established to further assist victims and their families with counselling and other support services.  Additionally, Mr. Speaker, a special Hot Line will be installed to offer advice, information and other services,” he said.

Enacting necessary legislation

 Referring to the demand to establish a sex offender’s registry Mitchell said: “we have also heard the overwhelming cries of our people and we are, therefore, pushing to enact the necessary legislative changes for the establishment of a Sex Offenders Registry.”

He also pointed out that while the government is providing more funds deal with the issue, this will not be enough.

“As a people, our collective consciences must be shaken and we must find the resolve to take back our communities and protect our children and young people,” Mitchell added.


  1. How is a registry going to keep people safe? Reject this failed US gimmick it can not now back out of. Under 10% of those convicted of sex crimes re-offend. 9 out of 10 new offenses are committed by someone not on the registry. Most of those offenses are committed by the offender known to the victim not strangers.
    The only things the registry will do is syphon funds from real solutions to maintain a data base project that will keep a segment of the population unemployed and living on tge fringe of society indefinitely.


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