Grenada opposition leader Nazim Burke resigns

Nazim Burke

Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Grenada, Nazim Burke, has announced his resignation, three months after the March 13 general election in which the party, for a second time, was unable to win a seat.

Addressing delegates at the party’s general council session on Sunday,  Burke said he was not pressured into stepping down ,but the decision came about after much reflection and careful consideration.

Party need to get increased support

In a speech which focused mainly on the outcome of the General Election, Burke said that NDC’s inability to win a seat cannot be pinned down to one reason but based on the data, the party need to increase its support base.

In his final speech as political leader, Burke urged the party to approach its review status dispassionately, with openness, honesty and candor.

“We must do so recognizing that we cannot continue to do the same old things in the same old way and expect different results. We must see this as an opportunity to do things in a different and more effective way,” he said.

He further recommended that Deputy Political Leader, Joseph Andall be appointed Interim Political Leader of the Party and be assigned the responsibility to prepare the Party for a Leadership Convention “which, I recommend, should not take place before March 2019.”


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