Former Miramar employee sues city of Miramar

Former Miramar employee Merlene Bourdeau-Quipse is suing the city of Miramar for wrongful termination, claiming she was fired because she failed to falsify budget reports for the city’s Department of cultural affairs.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday, five days after the city notified Merlene Patrice Bourdeau-Quispe that it had conducted an investigation into her complaint and decided not to rehire her.

Bourdeau-Quipse, who has worked for the city for 14 years, claims her supervisors pressured her to produce fake numbers to support deceptive internal audits.

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Bourdeau-Quispe is seeking reinstatement of her job, lost wages and benefits and compensatory damages.