Fergie and Springer among the Best of the Best

By Karyl Walker

One of South Florida’s leading sound system selectors, DJ Fergie is not afraid of a challenge. Like entertaining the diverse crowd which is expected to turn out for the 11th annual Best Of The Best show at Bayfront Park in Miami on Monday. The event has a rounded cast of performers geared at attracting lovers of dancehall, reggae and soca.

Based in South Florida, DJ Fergie and his partner DJ Springer along with counterparts from New York and Jamaica, are mandated to keep the audience entertained during set changes.

In their late 20s, they have been DJs for over 17 years, and plays at some of South Florida’s trendiest spots and on the airwaves of Power 96 FM Radio. They have also played all across the US and overseas including Jamaica.

“Normally, it would be a huge challenge given the diversity in age and nationalities, but in this event there is one common denominator that brings everyone together and that is reggae. We will have no problem catering to the youth and the older generation,” he told Caribbean National Weekly. “For myself and Springer that is second nature. We will find a way to introduce the songs that the parents grew up on, while at the same time introduce the songs that the youth will appreciate. The way we DJ is unorthodox and we will make you love songs that you are not used to, he added.

High-riding deejay Dexta Daps is one of the headliners for Best Of The Best. He recently created a stir with the release of his song and video – which is being described in some quarters as ‘dancehall porn’.

Another single, Equal Rights and Justice, by Ishawna glorifies oral sex. It has drawn widespread response from artistes like Bounty Killer and breathed new controversy into the Jamaican dancehall.

For Springer, these issues keep the colorful genre buzzing. “It is great for dancehall and entertainment. It gives everyone their own perspective wrong or right and gives the youth something to think about. It makes them know that someone is thinking the way they think. In the end is just entertainment,” he said.

Best Of The Best features dancehall’s finest including Mavado, Aidonia, Konshens, Christopher Martin, Spice and Masicka; elders Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Barrington Levy and General Trees; soca artistes Patrice Roberts, Lyrikal and Julien Believe.



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