Broward Youth Camps, Indoor Amusement Venues Allowed to Open

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – On Friday, Broward County issued Emergency Order 20-15, allowing for the reopening of several community businesses and services, under the appropriate guidelines.

The new Order permits additional establishments and youth activities to operate with adherence to social distancing, facial covering, and sanitation requirements as recommended by the CDC. It is recognized that these activities provide members of the community with opportunities for exercise and entertainment, under safer conditions during this continuing public health crisis.

Specifically, the new Order:

• Allows youth activities, including summer camps, to operate including at museums, parks and while visiting County beaches effective 12:01AM Monday, June 8, 2020.

Beginning 12:01AM June 15, 2020, the Order:

• Permits indoor amusement facilities such as bowling alleys, arcades and indoor movie theaters that are not amusement rides and do not involve fixed playground equipment to open, with 50% capacity and other restrictions. Aquatic playgrounds, such as interactive water play, are permitted to operate.
• Allows pari-mutuel facilities to open following the submission of an operation plan for COVID-19 mitigation and sanitation and approval by the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the County Administrator.
• Permits vacation rentals as authorized by the Governor’s Executive Order 20-87 and consistent with the Short-Term Vacation Rental Reopening Plan approved by state Department of Business and Professional Regulation for Broward County.
• Increases the allowable occupancy of museums from 25% to 50%.

The community is reminded when facial coverings are required they are not a substitute for social distancing. Facial coverings must continue to be worn by employees in reopened businesses during in-person interactions with the public; by members of the public when obtaining goods and services from public businesses, unless the service precludes wearing of a facial covering (such as eating or face grooming); and by workers involved in the preparation of food, even if they are not engaged in interactions with the public, with exceptions as noted in the Order.



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