Broward County Transportation Surtax Oversight Board seeks volunteers

Penny for Transportation

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – In November 2018, Broward County voters approved a one cent local transportation surtax, a dedicated source of revenue to help fulfill a collaborative, interconnected long-range plan for improving mobility systems in Florida’s second most populous County. The surtax and its authorizing legislation go into effect January 1, 2019.

Most of Broward County’s 1.9 million residents and many of its 13 million annual visitors will benefit from the projects detailed in the 30-year plan, which create connectivity, relieve traffic congestion, improve transit service, enhance green space and expand the availability of multi-modal transportation options such as walking, biking and skating.

Per Broward County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 31 ½, Article V, an independent Oversight Board of volunteer professionals will be responsible for reviewing projects for eligibility under Florida Statute 212.055(1), monitoring revenues and expenditures, and offering transparency and accountability to the public. Members will serve four-year terms, and meet at least quarterly.

The Oversight Board will be comprised of one individual from each of the following eight categories:

  • One professional in the field of accounting
  • One professional in the field of finance
  • One professional in the field of land use or urban planning
  • One professional in the field of engineering or construction management
  • One professional in the field of architecture
  • One professional in the field of environmental science
  • One resident consumer of public transportation
  • One former city or county manager

Applicants are not required to reside in Broward County, except in the category of Resident Consumer of Public Transportation.

Applications are accepted via email only to and must be received by 5PM on December 31, 2018. The following information must be included with each application:

  • Cover letter including: (a) a statement of personal interest in serving; (b) the category/ies in which the applicant wishes to be considered; (c) overview of any experience related to transportation and infrastructure programs/projects; (d) whether the applicant has been asked to apply by an Appointing Authority entity/member or is applying individually
  • A complete, up-to-date resume including current contact information (home and business address, email, phone)
  • A signed and notarized Certification of No Conflict Form (attached)

Applicants will not be considered if any of the above information is missing, or if the application is not received by 5PM December 31, 2018.

Applicants will be selected by the Appointing Authority. To see the members of the Appointing Authority, visit


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