Airbnb Activates Open Homes Program for Puerto Rico Earthquake

PUERTO RICO– Airbnb has activated its Open Homes Program ( to help those impacted by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico and relief workers deployed to help in the aftermath.

The Open Homes Program connects hosts who are willing and able to provide free housing with displaced residents and disaster relief workers in the activation area.

Airbnb Hosts in Puerto Rico can opt to list their homes for $0 and offer accommodations free of charge to those in need by visiting The goal of the Open Homes Program is to ensure those able to open their homes, as well as anyone who is affected and in need of temporary accommodation, knows this option is available to them.

The Open Homes Program is available through January 31, 2020, in Puerto Rico.

Kristen Berlacher, Airbnb’s Head of Causes for Open Homes, issued a statement on the program:

“Airbnb’s Open Homes Program has been activated to assist those displaced and relief workers deployed to help in areas impacted by the earthquake in Puerto Rico. Through the program, those in need of temporary accommodations can connect with Open Homes hosts in the area free of charge. The program extends through January 31 and is available to those in need in the activation area.”

Airbnb’s Open Homes program was activated in Puerto Rico in 2017 to help those impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and again in 2019 in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.


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