Twitter reacts tartly to Sting and Shaggy at Queen’s birthday party

Twitter’s reaction to Sting and Jamaican-born reggae star Shaggy’s performance at the 92nd birthday party of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Saturday night, April 21st, was not as positive as the duo might have hoped, especially coming on the heels of their newly released album on April 20th.

While Shaggy did his best to pump up a staid crowd inside the Royal Albert Hall, asking: “Where my reggae fans?,” the reaction on Twitter was tough, even as some media houses pointed out that the Royals seemed confused even though they clapped politely at the end.

Charlene Lydon of Dublin tweeted: “Jesus. I never thought I’d feel sorry for the Queen but then I saw Shaggy and Sting perform at her birthday. Poor Queenie. Sting is the worst.”

Even as Carl Ball added: “Fair play to the Queen. If Shaggy and Sting were booked to play at my birthday party I would have had them both killed before the end of the first song. #scrapeTheBarrel”

Cosmina Alice post read: “Sting and Shaggy are performing together at her 92nd birthday? This is a sentence I never thought I’d read ever in my life… this is why the queen is looking more and more miserable every year.”

Tom Harper chimed in: “Sting and Shaggy, the Queen suddenly doesn’t want to see her next birthday.”

While John Calvert tweeted: “Today the Queen celebrates her 92nd birthday and some idiot thinks the perfect way to celebrate is for her to endure Sting and Shaggy. Jeepers.”

Jamaican-born Grammy star, Shaggy, however, for his part, seemed incredibly excited by the performance, posting several photos to Instagram and Twitter including one with a group shot of Her Majesty joining performers on stage at the end with a caption: “A hold a vibe wid di queen!! On her Birthday Bash!!”  



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