Belize Independence Spotlight: Georgia Brown Gillet

As Belizeans around the world celebrate 34 years of independence this week, The National Weekly sheds a spotlight on the many ways the Diaspora has enriched South Florida. Honoring this independence spirit, we spoke with members of the community in South Florida to talk about what makes them proud Belizeans in America.

Georgia Brown Gilletrsz_georgia_copy

Born in: Corozal Town, Belize

Lives in: Pembroke Pines

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Life’s passion: Georgia is particularly passionate about continuing the philanthropic legacy of her beloved father, the former Chief Justice of Belize, Sir George Noel Brown. Through the Sir George Noel Brown Foundation in Belize and Florida, “I have chosen to continue his vision of seeking development of Belizean Youth through Sports and Education,” says Georgia.

Love most about the Diaspora: An admitted social media enthusiast, Georgia is in awe of how technology has helped bring all Belizeans together. “Social media, and in particular Facebook, has provided a window into the soul of Belizean society for us in the Diaspora,” says Georgia. “I believe this paradigm shift in connecting Diaspora Belizeans with those in the Homeland so readily and so easily is what has led to our renewed and vibrant patriotism.”

What makes her a proud Belizean-Americans: Following in the legal footsteps of her father, Georgia says she’s “grateful to be an attorney here in the United States, able to assist Belizeans and many others to regularize their immigration status.” These efforts, believes Georgia, are just a part of empowering the Diaspora community here in Florida “to maintain Belizean traditions here as well as to help Belizeans at home.”



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