What did Prince mean to you?

Lori – Miami Gardens, FL.

Prince was a musical legend. I love all of his music. Purple is my favorite color and “Purple Rain” is my favorite movie. I had a chance to see him once in concert at the BB&T center. It was worth every dime. I was a teenager when I first heard his music. “Raspberry Beret” is my favorite song of his. I was really sad when he passed away. At first I didn’t believe it. We’ve lost Michael, Luther, Whitney – all of the real musicians are passing away. It’s very sad and heartbreaking. He will be missed.

Noel– Miami, FL.

I know all his music. I grew up listening to it, but I was not a fan. If I had to choose a favorite song of his, it would be “Purple Rain.” His passing didn’t affect me.

Jackie – Opa Locka, FL.

Prince was one of the greatest. “Purple Rain” is my favorite song of his. I grew up listening to his music. I am still in shock about his death. I can’t believe it. His legacy is that you can do whatever you set out to do. You can’t let anyone block your dreams and tell you what you can’t do. The dream lives on.

Eugene – Miami Gardens, FL

I loved Prince. I am a photographer. I had the opportunity to take some really great pictures of him live in concert. His passing really bothered me, it hurt me. My favorite song was “Darling Nikki.” We take people for granted and we don’t realize how valuable they really are until they’re gone. I felt the same way when James Brown passed away. I really enjoyed what these great musicians brought to us. Prince’s legacy is style, finesse, great music and I can’t wait to hear the unpublished music that he left in his vault.

China – Carol City, FL.

Prince meant everything to me. He and Michael Jackson go back to the days when I was partying and coming up. He brought a different style of his own to music and whatever he did. There was no style like his. He kept the tone, he never lost it, even with age. It didn’t matter what mood you were in, whenever you heard Prince, you just had to let it go and party, deal with it later.  My favorite song was “1999.” He left a legacy of style and class. He did it and said it all in a clean, beautiful way. Prince showed today’s musicians that they can present their ideas and reach their audience without the profanity. He and Michael were the kings and they brought beautiful music in a clean and respectable way. He will be truly missed.

Mike – Miami, FL.

He was a great artist for his time. His passing was very sudden like Michael’s. My favorite songs were “Purple Rain” and the one with “When Doves Cry.” I never got a chance to see him live in concert, although I would have loved to. Prince’s legacy was his music, his contribution to society and what he meant to the younger generation.

Nike & King – Miami Gardens, FL.

Nike: I’m kinda young, so I really don’t know much about Prince. I know a few of his songs. I know that he meant a whole lot to many people. My mom was very sad when he passed away and I was sad for her. My favorite song was “I will Die for You!”

King: He didn’t really mean anything to me, but I know though that he meant a lot to the music industry. They should give his money to his family. Everybody knew “Purple Rain.” That was a major favorite. He’ll be remembered for his style and for his music. Artists will be influenced by Prince’s music for many years to come. He was a foundation builder.

Lavail – Miramar, FL.                                          

Besides my kids, Prince meant everything to me. I loved him and adored him. He was a phenomenal writer, singer, and producer. He is one of the icons who will never ever be forgotten. The first time I heard Prince’s music I was 8 years old. It was “Little Red Corvette.” My favorite song is “Musicology.” I actually had a chance to see Prince live in concert. I even got a chance to get on stage with him. It was amazing. I still can’t believe that he is gone. It was way too soon for him to go. He leaves behind amazing music and all his fans who will miss him tremendously. He sang from the heart, and I am so grateful to him for sharing his gift with us. I would not compare Prince with anyone else. He was a musical genius.

Zeus – Miami Gardens, FL.

This generation probably doesn’t know a lot about Prince, but I’m 30 and Prince meant a lot to me. My parents listened to him, so I grew up listening to him. He was a very intelligent guy who stood for a lot. He is one of few artists who tried to buy the rights to his music, which music executives didn’t like. “Purple Rain” is one of my favorite songs. I never got a chance to see him in concert, but I have watched all the YouTube videos about him. This is an information age. Prince left behind a wealth of useful information for young artists on the rise. The closest you’ll get to Price’s style today is a new artist named Ro James.


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