Do people share too much personal information on social media?

Fred – Fort Lauderdale, FL.

I think people put too much on social media.  Maybe a little personal stuff is fine, but not too much.  I think it is extreme when you go to events and then pictures are posted immediately on social media.

Karen – San Diego, California

It’s everybody’s own personal opinion as to what they should or should not post on social media. A lot of people post too much information.  People should use their discretion and not reveal too much. For example, I don’t need to know what you are having for dinner.  That’s just me though; everybody is different. The most personal thing that I have seen is pictures of a baby right after they came into the world.  I thought that was precious.

Dr. Flenyol – Lauderhill, Fl.

I don’t think people should post personal details on social media because what you think is harmless today might not be so tomorrow.  It can interfere with your employment, future relationships and the rest of your life.  People should learn from other people’s mistakes when they post too much information and have to face the consequences of their actions.

Patricia – Del Rae Beach, Fl.

Yes, I think people share too much on social media.  Some things you have to keep to yourself.  It is out of control. You put everything on Facebook and then people know your business.  Some of the personal information on there is not necessary.  I love social media for the benefits. The most revealing thing I see people post on social media is when they are going out of town and they give all the information of where they will be, as well as details about every relationship they are in.  It’s just too much.

Black Knight – Miami Shores, FL.

Yes, people share too much information on social media, especially about a relationship.  Whether it’s good, bad or ugly, keep it to yourself.  The most revealing thing that I’ve seen on social media is someone throwing out their boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s stuff.

Rashaed – Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

I don’t agree with people putting all their personal stuff on social media.  Some things should be kept private. For example, talking about your family issues should be kept private. Pictures are fine to show, but they should not be too revealing.  I personally would not post nude pictures, but like for everything else, I would put up.

Kellie – Wellington, Fl.

Yes, people post too much personal information on Facebook, and then they get upset when others tell their business.  Once you put it out there, you can’t get it back.  The most personal thing that I’ve seen posted is when someone is telling that they will be out of town and then their house gets broken into.  The most personal things that I have ever been posted about myself are my baby pictures.  Those are fun, embarrassing moments.

Demario – Miami, FL.

Totally.  There are certain things you should not say and pictures you should not share on social media.  I work at a law firm and we can find out anything we want about an individual.  The most revealing thing that I’ve ever seen is sexually explicit video footage.

Emmie and Tiffany – Pembroke Pines, FL.

Yes, people share too much on social media.  The most revealing thing I’ve seen someone share footage from an operating room. I’ve also seen pictures from someone who was in a car accident. They posted pictures instead of being concerned about their health and safety.  I don’t see how social media could possibly help at that time.  I saw a story of a woman who was shot by her four-year old son the day after she shared on social media that she taught him how to use a gun.  The most personal thing that I have shared on Social media is my relationship status. I will never do that again.

Kerwin – North Miami, FL.

I absolutely think people share too much personal information on social media.  Some of the pictures are just too outrageous.  The most revealing thing that I have seen on social media is pictures of inappropriate dancing and clothing that they have no business doing or wearing. Those days for them are over. I try to keep my personal business out of social media.  So I don’t reveal too much.  I’ve never had that problem of someone posting something about me that I don’t want revealed.

Kevin White – California

I don’t think people should post as much as we are seeing now on social media, but we are in an age where young people reveal almost all aspects of their lives, which sometimes can be detrimental, especially when they are applying for jobs.  Employers sometimes look at the information that potential employees post on their social media platforms.  I think people ultimately regret sharing too many details about their relationships on social media. The most revealing thing that I’ve ever posted is my job title.


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