On this day in Caribbean history, January 24, 1921, President Dartiguenave addresses United States President Warren G. Harding concerning the needs of the Haitian people. Dartiguenave was a mulatto, born on April 6, 1863.

He served as President of Haiti from 12 August 1915 to 15 May 1922 in a government set up by the United States after its military occupation began on 27 July 1915 following an uprising which resulted in the death of President Vilbrun Guillaume Sam. He died on 26 July 1926.

In 1922, the Wilson administration appoints General John H. Russell as high commissioner and Louis Borno—an admirer of Mussolini—as the new Haitian president. This event follows the dismissal of the previous Haitian president, Sudre Dartiguenave, who had refused to sign an agreement concerning the repayment of debts to the US-owned National City Bank (later to be name Citibank) which controls Haiti’s National Bank and railroad system.


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