On this day in Caribbean history: January 27, 1914 Haiti’s President Oreste abdicates during a revolt, and US Marines land in the nation to preserve order.
Michel Oreste Lafontant served as president of Haiti from May 1913 to January 1914. He was a reformist toppled by forces loyal to landowner elites such as his successor Oreste Zamor. He died in exile in New York City on 28 October 1918.

Michel placed great value on education during his administration. He held several positions in the Haitian government prior to his term as president. He served as asenator when he was elected president of Haiti .

He was known to be part of all the debates that brought about satisfactory changes to the nation. Therefore, the National Assembly appointed him as the new president of Haiti, following the untimely death of President Cincinnatus Leconte .

The December of maypole of 1913 , Michel was officially elected president of Haiti for seven years.

Michel Oreste believed strongly in unity and always involved Haitian officials in the affairs of the country. He became the first president to involve Haitian officials in organizing and planning the nation’s progress. Michel and his government officials set aside $ 350,000 to rebuild the destroyed National Palace . The people who were given this money, fled with him without a trace. When asked about the money, those involved promised to return it within a few months. Michel did not rest until recovering.

The government of Michel had to face the panic that caused the burglars , robbers or peasants in the northern mountains along the porous Dominican border, who were recruited by political rival factions, under the promises of money, to be paid After a triumphant revolution. This caused that all the development achieved by Michel was forgotten and the government officials began to blame him for this situation.

These officers rebelled against Michel Oreste and forced him to retreat and disappear. Michel retired on January 27. Lost funds were recovered and the reconstruction of the palace were made between 1914 and 1920.



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