David Arthur Granger becomes President of Guyana

On this day in Caribbean history May 16, 2015, His Excellency, Brigadier David Arthur Granger of the People’s National Congress became the eighth president of Guyana.  He was preceded by the People’s Progressive Party’s Donald Ramotar, who was in office from December 3, 2011, to May 16, 2015.

Granger was born in Georgetown, Guyana and was a member of several defense and security agencies before he turned his sight to the political field. Granger received his military training at the Mons Officer Cadet School and the School of Infantry in the United Kingdom. He served for a short period of time as the Commander of the Guyana Defense Force and later as the National Security Adviser to President Hoyte from 1990 to 1992. Granger also served as the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly of Guyana from 2012 to 2015.

David Granger is an alumnus of the University of Guyana where he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. He also graduated from the University of the West Indies, with his post-graduate Diploma in International Relations. Granger also attended the University of Maryland, where he was a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow. Granger followed in the footsteps of past presidents such as former Presidents Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan, by attending the prestigious secondary school, Queen’s College. The former commander and now the president has written several monographs to include “Five Thousand Day War: The Struggle for Haiti’s Independence” among many others. Granger holds three national awards: the Military Efficiency Medal (1976), the Military Service Medal (1981), and the Military Service Star (1985) for distinguished military service. Granger is married to Sandra Granger and has two daughters.





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