Heavy D was born in Mandeville, Jamaica

By: Cerone White

On this day in Caribbean History May 24, 1967 Dwight Errington Myers better known as Heavy D, was born in Mandeville, Jamaica, the son of a nurse and a machine technician. The Jamaican-born American rapper, singer and producer was the leader of the famous hip hop group “Heavy D & the Boys”.

In the 70’s the family moved to Mount Vernon, NY where Heavy D began making demo tapes and started a band with three high school friends which reached success when their tape was heard by Def Jam executive Andre Harrell. Starting a new label, Harrell signed the group which led to them becoming national and international sensations. In the 1990’s, Heavy D became the first rapper to head a major music label when he briefly became the president of Uptown Records. After a string of success in the 90’s into 2000’s, while the group took a break, Heavy D remained in the spotlight producing music for other notable musicians including Jay Z, Babyface, and Timbaland.

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Rediscovering his Jamaican roots, Heavy D released “Vibes” in 2008, making the charts with the song “Long Distance Girlfriend.” In an interview he said, “Reggae’s the first music I ever experienced. I’ve always mixed reggae and hip hop. But I came to a point where I felt I had put the exclamation mark on my hip hop career. I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to transfer the love, respect and passion I have for hip hop and reggae into my latest musical endeavor.”

On November 8, 2011 Heavy D died outside his Los Angeles home at the age of 44. According to the health care professionals at Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, Heavy D’s death was a result of blood clots forming in his body due to any extended airplane ride. Heavy D had recently returned from a trip to Wales where he performed at a tribute concert for Michael Jackson.

During his time a part of the group “Heavy D & the Boys” they released five albums, and when he left the group to pursue his own dreams he released four more albums.



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