Empty Pockets for West Indies tour of Sri Lanka

Carlton Bernadus, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) operations manager

West Indies no longer major attraction

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has revealed that the current series against West Indies will incur a financial loss estimated to be around US$4.5 million.

Television rights are considered the biggest earner, but the SLC says it will have to absorb the loss since the West Indies no longer attract top dollar.

“Having this tour take place here is a colossal loss. You see, the main source of income for these tours come from the broadcasting rights. In terms of this, there are teams that bring you good money, and then there are teams that bring you lesser amounts,” said Carlton Bernadus, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) operations manager.

“With a series consisting of two Test matches, three ODIs and two T20s, we will spend about 200 million Sri Lankan rupee. We might be able to recover about half of this, so the loss is in the range of 100 million rupees.”

Sri Lanka Cricket says it is allowing fans to attend free of charge to see the Test matches despite the overall loss. West Indies has already lost the opening Test of the series, which comprise two Test matches, three ODIs, and two T20s.


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