New, renovated schools welcome M-DCPS students during the 2018-19 school year

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Beyond the usual excitement of beginning a new school year, students, staff and the community can look forward to Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ (M-DCPS) many beautiful new buildings opening during the 2018-2019 school year. These gleaming new campuses are made possible with capital funds along with the main funding source – General Obligation Bonds (GOB) – to renovate, remodel and replace schools; expand student capacity; enhance safety and provide technology upgrades. This year, $147 million in building improvements are set to be unveiled at more than 60 schools as a result of the GOB.

 iPrep Academy @ Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School Total investment of $9.9 million. Project includes a new 30,581 square-foot, two-story school facility housing 600 student stations comprised of general classrooms, open plan/demonstration/collaboration classrooms and computer labs. Also included are security cameras, an intrusion alarm, an exterior covered dining area, parking, drop off areas and covered walkways.

 Kendall Square K-8 Center  Total investment of $13.3 million. This brand-new school will be ready for opening later in the fall. The project includes a 58,765 square-foot, two-story school campus housing 750 student stations, with classrooms, labs, administration area, media production lab, digital iTV, kitchen and dining areas, music lab and performance platform, parent and bus drop off, PE shelter, primary and Kindergarten play areas, and hardcourts. This building is a prototype and its reuse will achieve time and cost efficiencies.

 Air Base K-8 Center – Total investment of $8 million. Project includes the demolition of existing portables, and the addition of a one-story, 23,699 square-foot building comprised of 436 student stations as well as a computer lab, eight general classrooms and a laboratory.

 Rockway Elementary School – Total investment of $6.3 million. Project includes campus-wide renovations including site drainage corrections; a new bus drop-off with covered walkways; replacement of the existing P.E. shelter, fire alarm, PA system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system; group restrooms renovation including plumbing upgrades and selective electrical upgrades and selective exterior paint.

 Coconut Grove Elementary School – Total investment of $6.1 million. Renovation of one the first schools in the Miami-Dade school district includes a new building addition with four classrooms, plus art and music suites. The project also includes a campus-wide HVAC replacement, covered walkways, selective site drainage and regrading, exterior painting, replacement of fire alarm and PA systems, selective roof replacement, demolition of portables, window and door replacement, restroom renovations, electrical upgrades and other selective interior renovations.

  New and Renovated Schools 

 Toussaint  L ’Overture Elementary School  Total investment of $4.2 million. Project includes demolition of portable buildings and site restoration, parking lot re-coating and re-striping, a covered walkway to connect to the main building, a new playground and replacement of existing impact surface, group restrooms renovations, security system improvements, HVAC replacement, select roof replacement, select flooring improvements and exterior painting in select areas.

 West Lakes Preparatory Academy – Total investment $10.6 million. Remodeling and renovations related to the conversion of the former MacArthur North facility to a K-8 center.

 Coral Park Elementary School – Total investment of $2.3 million.  Project includes the demolition of existing portables, a new 12-classroom building comprised of 216 student stations, new parent drop-off and covered walkway, new PE shelter, new basketball hard courts, a separate storage building for flammable materials storage and staff parking. This building is a prototype and its reuse will achieve time and cost efficiencies.

 Meadowlane Elementary School  Total investment of $6 million. Project includes playground replacement; site drainage upgrades; new covered walkway and sidewalks; replacement of aluminum windows, storage cabinets, damaged partitions, flooring, ceiling, selective HVAC, restroom fixtures, panel boards, electrical panels, stage and other lighting; new fire alarm, P.A. system, and security cameras; and painting.

 Scott Lake Elementary School – Total investment of $4.1 million. Project includes the demolition of portables and the construction of a new building with 10 new classrooms and 180 new student stations. It also includes window replacement of various buildings, a new bus and parent drop off, student restrooms and covered walkways.

 Palm Springs North Elementary School – Total investment of $3.7 million. Project includes a 10,546 square-foot, one-story building addition with 10 primary classrooms and 180 new student stations, internal restrooms, a PE Shelter addition and new basketball courts.

 Springview Elementary School– Total investment of $4.5 million. Project consists of replacement of windows and HVAC; renovation of playgrounds, restrooms, covered walkways, parking lot improvements and exterior painting.

 Cutler Bay Middle School – Total investment of $13.3 million. Project includes the partial demolition of one building, the replacement of three other buildings, and a new addition providing 412 new student stations. Combined with two other existing buildings, and the music lab containing 602 existing student stations, upon completion of this project, there will be total to 1,113 student stations.

 Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior High School  Total investment of $6.7 million. Project includes demolition of portables; a bus drop-off, repair of sidewalks covered walkways, ADA lift and bleachers; selective replacement of door, HVAC, ceilings, electric panels; classroom group restrooms renovation and exterior painting.

 Henry West Laboratory – Total investment of $2.9 million. Phase 1 of this project is a K-8 conversion, which includesan addition; the conversions of Media Center rooms into two classrooms; remodel of classrooms, conversions of reception area into book storage; playground replacement including impact surface and fence; ceiling adjustment and repair of a secure room for the school server and additional site work.

 Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Elementary School – Total investment of $963,973. The project includes new playground canopies, replacement of exhaust and dehumidification system, repairs to water piping, P.A. system upgrades, balance air flow, new kiln ventilation system, termite damage repairs, stucco repair and exterior painting.

 Treasure Island Elementary School – Total investment of $2.3 million. The project includes re-surfacing of hard courts; drainage repairs; select painting; HVAC upgrades; selective replacement of windows, plumbing, electrical, flooring, ceiling, lighting, cabinets and water cooler.

 North Twin Lakes Elementary School – Total investment of $2.3 million.  Project includes a covered walkway, security cameras, playground replacement, re-surfaced basketball courts, selective exterior painting, interior painting, window replacement, HVAC upgrades, restroom renovations, selective flooring, lighting and electrical work.

 Kenwood K-8 Center  Total investment of $4.5 million. The project includes site drainage improvements; re-surfacing of play courts; exterior envelope repairs and painting; select replacement of HVAC, windows, ceilings, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, basketball goals and playground impact surface; selective remodeling/renovation of student restrooms; and cafeteria serving line upgrades.

 Arcola Lake Elementary School –Total investment of $4 million. Project includes demolition of a portable and existing building, the construction of a new Exceptional Student Education building addition encompassing 10 classrooms and 97 student stations, clinic, covered walkways and exterior painting.

 Brentwood Elementary School – Total investment of $2.3 million. The project consists of re-sealing parking lots; new playground impact surface; paint; replacement of windows, selective flooring, ceiling, security cameras and electrical work; upgrades to HVAC, plumbing and restrooms.

 iPrep SBAB Annex (Phase 9) – Total investment of $ 3.3 million. Project includes new entry to the garage building, stair railing and canopy; and partial painting to exterior and interior stair tower.

American Senior High School – Total investment of $7 million. The project includes campus-wide miscellaneous renovations, replacement of HVAC and plumbing fixtures; installation of additional exterior lighting; and new classroom technology.

 Biotech @ Richmond Heights 9-12 – Total investment of $ 1.1 million. Project includes the installation of six leased buildings (classrooms, labs and restrooms) infrastructure and related site work.

 Lakeview Elementary School – Total investment of $3.8 million. The project includes playground; pavement replacement/restripe; covered walkway; replacement of damaged walkway, bus drop-off, HVAC system including controls, restroom fixtures, sanitary and domestic water piping, water coolers, light fixtures and emergency lighting, flooring, security, exterior doors, storage cabinets and roofing.

 Sweetwater Elementary School – Total investment of $4.1 million. The project consists of the resurfacing of play areas, removal of portables, demolition of footers/paving/curbing; new covered walkway; replacement of the P.A system, playground, fencing, drains, water heater, electrical equipment, exit signs, emergency lighting, flooring; selective painting; electrical outlets, intrusion alarm, and HVAC upgrades; and restroom renovations.

 Amelia Earhart Elementary School – Total investment of $2.5 million. The project includes the replacement of playground; re-sealing of parking areas; demolition of portables; painting; replacement of windows; upgrades to P.A. system, HVAC and plumbing; renovations to restrooms and minor electrical work.

 Mae M. Walters Elementary School – Total investment of $4.6 million. The project includes parking lot repair and expansion; removal of existing portables; new covered walkway; interior and exterior painting; replacement of existing flooring, playground equipment, ceiling tile, lighting grid, HVAC, group and individual restrooms, and grease trap connected to onsite sanitary sewer.

 Parkway Elementary School – Total investment of $2.3 million.  The project includes replacement of HVAC, cooling tower, emergency lighting, exit lights, water heater, electrical panel, and miscellaneous upgrades throughout.

 The District-established Small/Micro Business Enterprise (S/MBE) utilization goals were met or exceeded by the architects and contractors on the projects, with highly diverse sub-consultant and sub-contractor teams. This was further strengthened by a strong commitment to Local Workforce Utilization.

 Continued fidelity to the implementation of the GOB program and the District’s steady commitment to inclusiveness and diversity in its procurement process are positively impacting the quality of the educational environment and the local economy.



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