Grenada Government Moving to Establish Sex Offenders Register

Grenada Attorney General, Dia Forrester,
Grenada Attorney General, Dia Forrester,

The Grenada government on Wednesday hinted at the possibility of publishing the names of persons convicted of sexual crimes being approved by Parliament before year-end.

Attorney General, Dia Forrester, speaking at the weekly post Cabinet news conference, said that the register will be under the control and custody of the Commissioner of Police and is intended to be separated into two parts.

“One portion containing the relevant information on the sex offenders and the other portion containing the specific information available to the public,” Forrester said.

“This approach seeks to avoid contravention of a constitutional right of a person to the protection of privacy in his home under Section 1(C) of the Constitution,” she said without elaborating on the contents of the proposed bill.

It is not known if Grenada will be using the model sex offender’s legislation as drafted under the regional Impact Justice project that is funded by Canada or adopting sections of similar legislation that is enforced in other regional or commonwealth nations such as Trinidad and Tobago or Australia.

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“The consultation on this bill is ongoing and the line ministry which is the ministry of social development will be advancing those efforts further with a view to taking it to Parliament,” Forrester told the media.

Over the years, sexual crimes against minors have been identified as a social scourge with the Police and the Child Protection Authority recording more and more cases. Hundreds of reports are filed annually, and a review of the High Court Criminal assizes list shows that sexual offense continues to top the list.

During a news conference to highlight the status of crime for the first quarter of 2021, the police said that from its record’s young children under the age of eight are heavily targeted by men above the age of 50.

Sexual offenses are one of the convicted records that will not be expunged under the Rehabilitation Offenders Bill which went into effect a few years ago.




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