Bahamas pledges to fight crime “on every level”

Bahamas pledges to fight crime “on every level”

 Bahamas pledges to fight crime “on every level”

The government of The Bahamas has pledged to fight crime ‘at every level” of society saying it will also establish a National Neighborhood Consultative Council “to oversee and promote Neighborhood Watch Programs and organizations.”

To fight crime and corruption vigorously

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, speaking at a ceremony to honor retiring Commissioner of Police, Ellison Grenslade, said his newly elected administration is intent on fighting crime and corruption vigorously and comprehensively.

Neighborhood safety programs

He said this would include working with community-based partners to change the culture of violence in local communities through the establishment of neighborhood safety programs; the elimination of habitats where criminality flourishes; and the use of state-of-the-art technology to fight crime including gunshot detection devices; social media exploitation technologies and drones, etcetera.

He said the plans also call for the strengthening of the Defense Force satellite bases presence and operations in the northern, central, southern and southeastern Bahamas and implementing aggressive measures to address trafficking of narcotics, firearms, trafficking in persons, illegal immigration and poaching. “We must fight crime and corruption at every level. This includes criminal violence and those who abuse their high office and engage in corrupt practices,” Minnis said, adding that “as a society, we too often ignore the causes of crime and the criminal elements in our midst.

Responsibility of all Bahamians

“The fight against crime is the responsibility of all Bahamians and residents,” he said, noting that his administration will implement a number of other strategies to fight crime and corruption here.

The prime minister said there will also be a no-tolerance attitude for all crime including minor infractions of the law such as road traffic violations; indiscriminate dumping; broken lights; tinted windows on cars; and the non-use of seat belts.

The government will also develop a modern, efficient crime-fighting machine properly manned, trained and equipped to prevent crime where possible, detect crime when it occurs and bring those responsible to account before the courts.

To review police compensation

Prime Minister Minnis said additional plans call for the conduct of a comprehensive review of police officers’ compensation; reinstitution of term limits for the Commissioner of Police; institution of term limits for the Commodore of the Defense Force and Commissioner of Corrections; and reorganization of the Police Reserves.

Outgoing police commissioners praised

Minnis praised Grenslade for his “considerable years of service to his country as a member and officer of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

“I thank him for his various successes as Commissioner, including those in the prevention and detection of crime; community policing and community outreach; increasing professionalism in the Force and enhanced use of communications and technologies.”

Grenslade has been succeeded by his deputy Anthony Ferguson.

For more on The Bahamas’ initiatives to fight crime, click the link: Bahamas Announces New Crime-Fighting Initiatives


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