Tooth Pain…ouch!

A toothache causes the most unbearable pain

When heat and cold hurt your teeth
Dr. Sharon Robinson, DDS

For anyone, and that’s most people who ever had a toothache, they know it’s one of the worst pains to endure.

Toothache and tooth pain generally describe pain in the mouth due to an injury or other type of dental condition. Some typical causes of toothaches are an exposed nerve or tooth root, gum disease, a cavity in a tooth, or a cracked tooth from an acute injury. Tooth pain can range from mild to severe and either last a short time or be chronic pain. Other types of tooth pain stem from hot or cold drinks or originate around the jaw. Find out more from your dentist about toothaches and tooth pain, and what you can do about them.

Perhaps you’ve had a cold drink and winced in pain. Or you inhaled air on a chilly day and felt a jolt when the air hit your teeth. Maybe you found yourself unable to enjoy a cup of hot tea without a sharp ache punctuating each sip. If any of these situations sounds familiar, you probably have sensitive teeth.

The reasons for the discomfort are many. First, the root structure of one or more teeth may have become exposed. Normally covered by gum tissue, this layer just underneath — called dentin — contains millions of tiny tubules (or tiny channels) each of which is connected to a nerve ending. It’s when the tubules are left unprotected by gum recession or enamel erosion that problems arise. Receding gums, tooth grinding, a diet high in acidic beverages, and over-aggressive brushing can all leave dentin exposed.

Your favorite beverages can make a big difference, too. Anything with a high acid level — sodas, coffee, tea, almost all juices, wine, and many popular energy drinks — can worsen enamel erosion and discomfort. Carbonated water is OK, but watch out for flavored seltzer, which may have citric acid.

Dentin can also become irritated if you overuse tooth-whitening agents, which contain harsh ingredients to strip away stains. Unfortunately, they can also thin the enamel layer around dentin, exposing the tender tubules.

Tooth pain can be very discomforting, as well as frustrating regardless of the reason causing it.  If you are experiencing any level of tooth pain, it is best to visit your dentist, before the problem worsens.

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