Taking Steps to Save Your Vision

Dr. Melanie Reese, Optometrist

Many people believe that having good vision means that their eyes are healthy, but that is not always the case.  Regular comprehensive eye exams can ensure that you not only maintain good vision, but that you keep your eyes, and ultimately your body, healthy as well.  Getting an eye exam is the first step that you need to take to save your vision.

Adults, especially those over age 40, should have their eyes tested yearly; not only to keep their prescriptions for glasses or contacts current, but also to check for early signs of eye disease.   Your eye doctor can detect common eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes, floaters and macular degeneration.  The health of your eyes is also an indicator of your overall health.  Eye doctors are often the first health care providers to detect systemic diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Annual eye exams are not just for adults. Children need to get regular eye exams as well. Healthy vision is essential to a child’s ability to learn and achieve their academic potential.   Most people think that just because a child can see the eye chart at a vision screening at school or the pediatrician’s office, that that means that they have perfect vision.  A child who can see 20/20 can still have a vision problem.  It is important for parents to know that vision screenings are not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam.  Even if your child seems to be able to see OK, and doesn’t complain, you still need to schedule an eye exam.  

Routine eye exams are important for everyone, no matter your age.  In honor of Save Your Vision Month, please make sure you schedule your eye exam this month, if you haven’t already had an exam this year.


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