Ready to fit into that swimsuit for the approaching summer season? Improving your habits can not only allow you to fit into that swimsuit, it can boost your endurance for those warm weather activities.

Eating right and exercising is one of the most efficient ways to stay healthy and in shape for the summer. Try these healthy eating tips to get started on your change to be a better you.

Eat a high protein breakfast

Tel Aviv University found that adding whey protein to your breakfast can help you shed some pounds.  “The whey protein diet significantly suppresses the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’,” said Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, a professor of medicine at Tel Aviv University.

Adding protein whey allow you to stay full longer and lowers the chances of you snacking in the morning.

Protein whey products are very simple to use and can be found at your nearest grocery store.

Give your workout routine a jolt

Research shows that consuming caffeine before exercise can improve athletic performances. A study found that cyclists who drank caffeine pedaled for an average of 23 percent longer than other bikers.

Pre-workout caffeine can also increase muscular force and power, if the recommended dosage is taken.

A cup of black coffee before a workout can induce sweat and help with accelerated fat loss.

Be warned too much caffeine can also pose as a health risk if consuming more than the recommended dosage of pre-workout or coffee.

Join a workout challenge

There are many different types of workout challenges than can be found online, especially in you have a Pinterest profile.

Not only can you have fun with these online workout challenges but you can also build your endurance and increase your stamina based on different levels of challenging workouts you can find.

Challenges vary on the parts of the body you would like to focus on.

Avoid late night snacking

One of the quickest way to ruin a good day of diet and exercise is excessive snacking. It is common to snack when bored or watching television late at night, suppressing the urge to eat can be hard.

Try to cut the late-night snacking by having a bottle of water handy to sip on when the cravings occur. If you eat a high protein dinner beforehand than you shouldn’t feel the need to snack.

Make your desserts healthier

Avoiding snacking is easier said than done, if you do happen to snack at least keep it healthy. Fruits and cold veggies are some of the recommended late night healthy snacks, like frozen grapes or small carrot sticks.

Other healthy snacks can include unsalted almonds, in-shell pistachios, mixed nuts, unbuttered unsalted popcorn, unsalted pumpkin seeds, or a protein bar.



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