JN Bank Places More Power in Hands of US Members

JN Bank

JN Bank has transitioned to a new digital model to provide its members in the United States of America with greater convenience, speed and accessibility when conducting their banking transactions in Jamaica.

This new model allows members to book appointments for virtual meetings with JN Bank representatives in Jamaica. Members in the US are able to book these appointments by contacting JN Bank in Jamaica, or by booking via the JN Bank website.

Curtis Martin, the company’s managing director, said with the new system, members and customers can access banking services more expediently. He noted that the digital strategy is being implemented as part of efforts to ensure the safety of members, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, he said it also positions members to access services much faster and gives them more control over access to services.

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Persons can schedule appointments with a representative to do any service offered by JN Bank in Jamaica, including opening new accounts, withdrawals and updating records.

“Our efforts to digitalise started many years ago, but that thrust has deepened as demand grows for more convenient ways of serving our members,” said Mr Martin.

“We expect that this will place more power in the hands of our members outside of Jamaica and increase the speed with which they access service in Jamaica,” he said, acknowledging that the thrust will be implemented in all major diaspora markets where the bank operates.

A similar mode of service was rolled out in the United Kingdom.

Mr Martin reminded members that they can also continue to monitor their account and many other JN Bank services via the JN Bank LIVE online banking platform. To register, persons can simply visit www.jnbslive.com or call their dedicated banking team in Jamaica.

“After almost 20 years, we will commence a new chapter in our history to serve our members and Jamaicans in the USA, even better. We remain committed to ensuring that they feel valued when interacting with us and that all their banking and financial needs are met efficiently,” he stated.



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