FITCE 2017 expected to be the best ever

FITCE 2017 expected to be the best ever
Commissioner Dale V. C. Holness

Broward County Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness, a driving force behind the annual Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo (FITCE), expects this year’s event, which kicks off on Oct 17 to Oct 18, to be the best yet.

“FITCE is an opportunity to help grow the economy and bring jobs to the people here in Broward County and South Florida, this is our third year of showcasing to the world that we have first class infrastructures that can accommodate any amount of trade you can imagine. With our planned speakers, panels, exhibitors, and cultural exchange opportunities, attendees will have imminent opportunities to learn, grow their business, and sell their products to the world.” Holness said.

He said several international dignitaries have been invited and confirmed their attendance at this year’s Expo.


The confirmed dignitaries for FITCE 2017 include:
U.S. Congresswoman Federica Wilson, Representing Florida’s 24th District
Ãlvaro Colom, Former President of Guatemala
Delroy Williams, Mayor of Kingston, Jamaica
Carlos Mesa, Former President of Bolivia
Erwin Contreras, Minister of International Trade and Petroleum for Belize
Gaynell Rolle, Under Secretary of Finance for the Bahamas
Manuel Masías, Former Mayor of Miraflores, Peru

 Other invited dignitaries include:

  • Carlos Mesa, Former President of Bolivia
  • John Kwet Mwan Kwet, Minister of International Relations , Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Bienvenue Liyota Nzoli, Minister of Small & Medium Businesses, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Emmanuel Ngoie Kasongo, Minister of External Affairs for Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Ferdinando Munóz, Mayor of Montebello, Colombia

Plus, other mayors, consul generals, deputy consuls, trade commissioners and bi-national chambers from 50 countries.

Enhance Fort Lauderdale as international trade hub

Commissioner Holness indicated the vision of FITCE is “To enhance the position of Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County, Florida as a center of international trade and cultural exchange, to welcome new businesses, expand global sales,collaborate and connect, while providing tools and resources for those seeking to grow their business through global trade or through the strategic advantage of locating in South Florida.

He said the goals of FITCE are to:

Expand South Florida’s position as a center for international trade; fuel economic Growth, and promote cultural exchange

FITCE 2017 Confirmed countries and type of country representation, are:

  • ARGENTINA: Business delegation
  • ALGERIA: Country Expert
  • BAHAMAS: Under Secretary of Finance, U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas, Chamber of Commerce, Business Delegation
  • BAHRAIN: Trade Commissioner (Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bahrain in New York)
  • BELIZE: Minister of International Trade and Petroleum, Belize American Chamber of Commerce
  • BOLIVIA: Former President of Bolivia, Business Delegation
  • BRAZIL: Consulate General of Brazil in Miami
  • BRUNEI: Country Expert
  • CANADA: Consul General, Business Delegation from Quebec, Quebec-Florida Chamber of Commerce
  • CHILE: US-Chile Chamber of Commerce
  • CHINA: Business Delegation from China and Chinese American Chamber of Commerce
  • COLOMBIA: Business and Colombian Mayors Delegations
  • DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Government and Business Delegation
  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Business Delegates
  • COSTA RICA: Deputy Consul and Business Delegates
  • ECUADOR: Trade Commission (ProEcuador) and Business Delegates
  • EGYPT: Country Expert
  • FINLAND: Consul General
  • FRANCE: French American Chamber of Commerce
  • GRENADA: Deputy Consul
  • GUATEMALA: Former President
  • GUYANA: Business Delegation
  • HAITI: Business and Haitian Mayors Delegations
  • HONG KONG: Country Expert
  • HUNGARY: Consulate of Romania and Hungary in Miami
  • IRELAND: Irish American Chamber of Commerce
  • ISRAEL: Consul General
  • JAMAICA: Mayor of Kingston, Jamaica-USA Chamber of Commerce
  • JAPAN: Consulate General of Japan
  • JORDAN: Country Expert
  • KUWAIT: Country Expert
  • LEBANON: Country Expert
  • MACEDONIA: Honorary Consul
  • MALAYSIA: Trade Commissioner (Matrade)
  • MEXICO: State of Campeche Government
  • MOROCCO: Country Expert
  • NIGERIA: Business Delegation and Nigerian Export Council
  • OMAN: Country Expert
  • PERU: Former Mayor of Miraflores
  • QATAR: Country Expert
  • ROMANIA: Business Delegation, Embassy in Washington, Consulate of Romania and Hungary in Miami
  • SAUDI ARABIA: Country Expert
  • SINGAPORE: Country Expert
  • SLOVAK REPUBLIC: Honorary Consul
  • SPAIN: Trade Commissioner
  • ST-LUCIA: Trade Export Promotion Agency
  • ST. VINCENT & the GRENADINES: Business Delegation
  • SWEDEN: Consul General of Sweden
  • THAILAND: Country Expert
  • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Country Expert
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Made in Britain Trade Center, Business Delegates
  • VIETNAM: Country Expert


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