Reggae/Dancehall Artist Bugle debuts New Video On Garvey Birthday

by Ramona Samuels


Conscious singing dancehall singjay Bugle, has just dropped the visuals for his new song ‘Truth’, on the same day that Jamaica’s most influential truth teacher, Marcus Garvey was celebrated for his fearless work.

On August 17, Bugle’s YouTube channel premiered the lovely visuals showcasing the beauty of Jamaica’s landscape, while his lyrical message resonated deeply with his loyal subscribers.

“Your truth a your truth, my truth a my truth, but the truth is still the truth, regardless of who wah speak the truth”, a simple yet profound start to the Magnus Productions track.

Bugle’s truth is expressed with a melodic upbeat echo, singing of having the right set of persons in his circle and honouring himself by always being truthful as he trods through life, regardless of the opinions from others.

Watch the visually satisfying music video here.



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